Election night for North Carolinian’s living in the 2nd district has come to an end.  The Tea Party backed self-made star of the local Conservative movement has smashed through a road block.  Renee Ellmers has worked hard to garnish the votes she has earned and that work has paid off, considering she ran against a candidate that (in his prior elections) has established a 60%+ majority every time.

Bob Etheridge became famous when he assaulted two men (students) with a video camera asking the Representative if he agreed with the Obama agenda.  Seemingly angry and frustrated he grabbed one interviewer around the neck and sputtered the words” Who are You?” repeatedly.  Being that this incident occurred June 2010, an election year, one would almost guarantee that Mr. Etheridge would face an electorate eager to replace him.  The incident has also shed light on the Democratic Lawmakers previous dealings with the voters and his blatant disrespect towards them.  But over and over again the stubborn Bob Etheridge always won re-election and maybe it was because he legislated moderately and brought home the pork.  But in 2008 something changed and he, like most other democrats, took a hard left turn away from moderation. His voting record on big government legislation was “YEA” all around. What could make Mr. Etheridge turn into a puppet for the administration? Maybe it was that the leadership in the Democratic Party was just very convincing. Or, could it have been the the Representatives campaign contributors have caught up with him?  Whomever asks him about it better have backup and a video camera.

With all of this fodder Renee Ellmers should have cruised to victory and according to the polling she should have been able to. We finally now know that Renee Ellmers is our new representative and it is nice to know that someone that listens to the people will now represent the North Carolinian’s 2nd district.

Anyone willing to help Bob Etheridge move out?


The summation of the Wilson, North Carolina Tea Party (WNCTP), be it from Washington D.C., Raleigh, North Carolina or even the Wilson Town Hall is that we are an outrageous group with members of the fringe element that demand anarchy and shun culture. We have been called racist, bigoted, anti-tax, anti-law, anti-government, wackos, witch’s and religious fanatics. The labeling of our movement is limitless and the effect it has is a null. This tactic from our detractors has had no effect on our group, other than to make us stronger.

That being said it is time to get to really know who we are.

The WNCTP is an ever growing group of citizens that feel our nation has taken a dangerous turn from law at the consent of the governed towards law according to the iron fist of tyranny. We understand that as a Republic our nation has run over(not dodged) many obstacles and gained the respect of the world through our shear strength alone. Not, from giving into to our enemies.  But, by decimating them and freeing their people. We empathize the good that America represents in this world of constant suffering. We see the people that risk their life and families lives to come to this great country. Would they risk it all to come here if we were not free? No, they would not.

The WNCTP wishes for this beacon of freedom to stay lit with the full brightness that the Framers of our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution intended it to be. Not the weak flickering flame that our current quasi-elected officials wish it to be. We see each and every American as equal and wish for the ethnic labeling to stop. This nation was not formed for tribal purposes but it was born into freedom for all and it has lead to freedom for millions. Many countries the world over have tried to emulate our society because it is the fairest and most prosperous. We at the WNCTP wish for this nation to continue to be free and we understand that this cannot be done through government but through the people. This attempt to steer the citizens, away from freedom to pursue whatever goals they wish, towards top down totalitarian conglomeration which fancies power over people other than people over power, is what the WNCTP formed to stop.

Our make up is of people from the whole political spectrum. We reject the argument of class warfare so we welcome people from all backgrounds and we also look down on people that play the “race card” in an attempt to segregate our communities. We respect everyone on an equal basis and we wish for that very same respect back in return. The WNCTP feels that our community is being taken apart based on the color of ones skin and that the people are being pitted against each other for political power gains of other groups. When we say we view everyone as equals we actually mean it, we don’t say it just for your comfort. Our embrace of everyone equally is what makes us strong and will help us build strength in this fight. We do not welcome people that wish to cause strife for the sake of causing it. But, we understand that passion is powerful and everyone in this group is very passionate about the future of America and their ability to pass our country on to future generations.
Our roots do not stem from the election of Barack Hussein Obama. This movement begun back during the grievances the colonist held against King George. Americas past is strong with rebellion and it is in our blood. Many of the problems we notice today have stirred our emotions and awoken us up from our comfortable slumber. Everyone is feeling this tyranny and we can even see it all around us. This is why we formed our group. We feel that years of torment has driven us to this anger and we have given way to much leeway for the pillars of tyranny to be built. We will now fight back be it through any peaceful measures we feel must be utilized.

We shall not forget that through out history every movement that strengthened the cause of liberty has been looked down upon. Those who fought for liberty have been called extremists, radicals, and other various other names by those who feel their power is being threatened. We will not allow these names to stop us. Lest we forget that the Framers of the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution put their lives and their families lives on the line in order to secure, for us, this nation. The only nation in the history of this world that has provided wealth, food, and security to, not just its own people, but to the whole world. We at the Wilson North Carolina Tea Party understand the most important part of America is that the government did not cause America to be this great, the People DID. We will not stop fighting because of a few labels put upon us, we will only fight harder. Did Abraham Lincoln and the “Radical” Republicans stop fighting against slavery because they were called radical. No, they did not they fought harder and stronger and that is our intention.

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So his glorious first one hundred days have come and gone, now what has he caused.  This magnificent failure of a man that was somehow elected president, in the once freest nation on the face of the planet, has been deemed so damn articulate that he can’t even write his own speeches or come up with his own arguments.  He is so damn smart how dare he think for himself.  But, in all seriousness he is really smart, ————————— compared to those who voted for him.  By electing a man with an ego so bloated those who voted for him have put all of our rights in danger.  We had rights handed down by the creator that no man could touch  or eradicate, a sure protection one would think, until the idiots who voted for change elected the self proclaimed god of man.  Now that we have a human god as president he feels it is his job to tell everyone how to live their life and dictate to every company how to function, he tells us what our rights are.  Has this bitter human ever ran a successful business in his life or put himself at risk of failure by taking a gamble on his abilities.  No, he has never put himself in a position that is challenging to him, he has put everyone else in a position where failure is the only option and ultimately the only option for America.  He will never do what is best for America, or even what is best for the cretins that elected him, he will only do what is best for him.  If he can benefit from it by means of gaining more power over us then he will do it.  As we have watched his satanic rise to power there was nothing stopping him.  He could say anything about anyone and never be questioned.

Well, what are we facing America.  We are a great nation and nothing can take that away from us, not the British, not the slavery issue, not the various judges who themselves think they are gods, not the new deal, not FDR and his great depression, not the great society, not Carter, not Clinton, not Islamofascist terrorists, not the tolerances politically correct movement, not china, not North Korea, not Iran, not Venezuela, not the racial segregation laws that are being passed in the name of protection, not these or any other attack on this nation will destroy it.

The biggest disgusting argument that fools peddle is that Bush did it.  It is even sicker when fake conservatives agree with the anti-American cancer cells in the media and  Washington.  We must not agree people, when they repeat like drones, that it started under President Bush then ask them why they do not criticize BO for continuing the policies?  It must be great to be able to blame one man for a hundred plus years of destructive policy that began in the early 1900’s by reintroducing “made up constitutional” slavery in 1913 under the guise of the sixteenth (16th) amendment.  This destroyed states rights and bloated a fascistic federal government.  This implosion became unstoppable when a whole bunch of crackheads elected FDR, who(FDR) by all means was pleased by the sixteenth amendment for he saw that it was potentially the greatest weapon used to control people.  Now, when you read the sixteenth amendment below:

The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.

It pretty much states that if you have any income you are then screwed, if you work and try to prosper the government will get first dibs at your success.  This very amendment was loved by FDR but their was one problem, it taxed everyone across the board.  Hence the social class system pushed by Marx and loved by BO.  This Marxist class system segregated a nations population, putting the haves against the have nothings.  The only ones who enjoy flaunting this destructive class warfare are those who benefit from it, which are the elected officials that have become career politicians and the dregs of society (the welfare class) who live off of the stolen income of the hard workers.  They force those who invent and produce to handover their pursuit of happiness (ahh those inalienable rights life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness) to redistribute that happiness to those who are too lazy to pursue it.  This is where the human god invents his own authority to take those rights away.  Following the 16th amendment came the progressive tax system where mass producers are hit the hardest along with their employees and ultimately the customers with higher prices.  The progressive tax system would not be applicable if it were not for the dangerous Marxist revolution that was adopted by fools in the government which began in the early 1900’s and continues to this day.  Of course the people of the nation put these morons in power which should make one question their reasoning ability.  Now, of course the whole 16th amendment should be challenged as unconstitutional because Article 1 section 8 of the United States Constitution states:

To lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises, to pay the
debts and provide for the common defence and general welfare of
the United States; but all duties, imposts and excises shall be uniform
throughout the United States

Key word would be uniform which is defined as an adjective meaning “of the same form with other,”or “having always the same form, manner, or degree : not varying or variable.” Hence, it is the same across the board, not higher for those who pursue happiness and less for those who do not, equal for everyone.  The Marxist saw this and worked harder to impose the class system on Americans as to convince them them it is constitutional or that it is their responsibility to provide for the have nots, which happen to be the work nots as well.  For, without convincing those who pursue their happiness that they are greedy and must (keyword) “distribute” their hard earned cash to those who choose not to pursue their happiness, then perhaps these implosive policies would have never been put in place.  It then became the “right” of the working class, the so called wealthy, to give the lazy happiness.  Resulting in a new era of slavery for those who work and also for the dregs who are enslaved to the welfare and social security checks that keep them satisfied.  I stand in amazement at the simplicity of this scam and I am especially amazed that it has taken root in the once freest nation in the world.  This is what our 44th president has been educated with and he will oversee the complete implosion of America.

But it is not to late for us to stop it, we must be strong and recognize that America is an exclusive club where the citizens are privileged people and held on a higher level then anyone else on this planet.  The individualist rights that are granted to each legal CITIZEN are those that keep us above every other nation.  BO calls America, you and me, arrogant which is telling of the man,  a nation that provides for the rest of the world is not arrogant.  A nation that allows the freedom granted by the creator so not to be taken away by a human is not arrogant.  If Barrack Husein Obama thinks that unalienable rights are arrogant, then we must fight to stop him before he declares us his experiment.

Signing off:

John Bruner

Stay tuned for part II

I know it has been a while since my last posting, but projects will be initiated. Stupidity must be questioned and ignorance cannot be ignored. Please do yourselves one favor. Ask yourselves, if obama knows what he is doing? The answer may be more complex than you think, which in turn will make our response monumental. Prepare for information that will lead you to question those in power and anger you into action. But,and I must emphasize this, do not do something unreasonable upon receiving this knowledge. Remember fight fire with fire, and that if you want peace, prepare for war.

So she is in such hard times and no one is willing to help her.  Booohoooooooohoooooo, the problem is that she will not have a problem finding a job.  Well how, you may ask?  Because the color of her skin she will be given a job   faster than say a lighter skinned human being.  Is this the end of reason, responsibility, rights, freedom, success, democracy, the constitution, and everything America has stood for.  Lincoln freed the slaves for what, so they could become slaves to the almighty government, bow down and sing praises all hail obama.  The one who has come to save the day to pull America out of its GREATNESS and halt the idea of work for what you want.  Who needs to work when the almighty government lead by the saviour obama or is he god or is he a super human happy negro who has not one damn clue what he is doing.  Well folks, he knows what he is doing and cleverly the media has not one bit questioned his destruction of this nation.  It is up to the last free people of this nation, those who refuse godvernment handouts, to stand up and not just take a stand but force the Constitution back upon the drones who feel that lazyness and begging are rights.  Lets join together in this revolution and right the wrongs of the past 80 years that has removed this nation out of the hands of the people and into the hands of the ASSES who are so power hungry that they are willing to eat us up as they bask in the spotlight.  Those who have not been programed do not fret there are more out here and we will not quietly sit by and allow this atrocity.  It is time to Unite to Fight.


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dats razist

So, chairman obama has said he will cut the pay of those who work in the White House.  Read the Fox Business Networks article here; and for the women out there who might have praised obama on his equality you might want to check this out here from http://www.Hotair.com.  Now, in a struggling economy where the prices of goods are sky-rocketing and jobs are disappearing, I guess the right thing to do is to take the money out of the consumers hands and keep it in the government’s coffers so it can continue buying up and bailing out begging businesses.  Where will this money go?  To buy the Czar’s wife and kids clothes or jewelery, or in his pocket, or to fund a green power initiative?  Does he not understand that people do not work for pay cuts, at least they don’t work efficiently for pay cuts?   Czar obama can do as he pleases but he will find out that fewer and fewer people will be willing to “work for food.”  Being as it may seem like a noble objective the Czar will only force his subjects to this rule of “will work for food,”  for he will still demand his $400000 a year along with his side kick Joe the plagiarist VP’s (venereal politician) $200000 a year salary, in this tough economic time the only ones who must suffer are those who dare get their hands dirty or apply themselves.  One might say that his acts are that of a conservative nature, in which I say a true conservative would give up his/her benefits first and set a good example.  The act of forcing those who work for you, or below you in Czar O’s case, to suffer the benefits of a job well done is known only to those who served castro and other dictators alike, to whom you praise and expect nothing in return but if you criticize you get hell’s fury heaped upon you and your loved ones, and their loved ones, and their friends, and their loved ones’ friends, and well, you get the point.  Soon, all opposition is wiped out and you have total rule.   Don’t be turned off by the comparison;  President Bush was accused of being hitleresque and he put up with the accusations – proof of this:  his opponents are still alive.  For example see all of msnbc, cnn, new york slimes, la slimes, washington compost, abc, cbs, nbc, and any other media that has disrespected President Bush and the position as a whole.  Maybe this is the change you need but America can not withstand an authoritarian dictator that allows his/her buddies to go unchecked,  ending up dead only when they oppose dear leader.  Also, by the way, soon we will all be volunteering to REBUILD America to what Czar obama wants it to be, so being paid will be out of the question because you are now a subject of the state, for only greedy rich people feel they deserve a good day’s pay for a good day of work.

Thank you and I humbly welcome comments:

John Bruner

I am like him, me, me, meeeeee it is all about meee. Now You Will OBEY MEEEEEE. And remember ummm the ummm way Lincoln ummm changed the umm world was by ummmmmmm War ummmmm but ummmmm I ummmm just ummmm want ummmmm your ummm money remember if you ummm pay ummm more taxes ummm you will ummm be ummm patriotic ummmm right TIMMY G the TAX MAN.


Our Dear Leader Elect seems to be feeling the pinch in this struggling economy.  While we peasant’s struggle to find money- or  jobs that will provide said money.  While  many Americans struggle to make a house payment that those wonderful good hearted liberals have forced upon them via the community reinvestment act which forces lending institutions to approve loans to those in the community where said lending institution does business.  No matter what the income level or customers’ ability to pay the loan back, the banks needed to be forced to lend this money.  Even in major chapter 8 housing areas the banks were forced to lend this money to participants in the Section 8 program.  In other words it would be like a restaurant owner cooking and preparing meals for people, then taking it to people’s homes or job site, giving them the food, forcing them or just letting them eat it, and then forcing them to pay for it.  Even though the people did not ask for this meal since they did not order it.  In America we have a choice of what we want to do and when we want to do it and how we do it.  It is that simple, we do not need some kind hearted Mr. & Mrs. Leftwinglunaticmoron (what some call them) to tell us when or what to do.  So the community reinvestment act (different Link) needs to be further examined; I hope to  have the “brilliant” minds who discovered such a great idea questioned and forced to explain their little scheme which has forced banks to “break their banks” and begin begging the ‘gument’ for our taxpayer money.

So to show that he is one of us and feels our pain economically he has decided that Christmas or whatever he celebrates would be greatly celebrated at his cozy multi-million $dollar$ home in Chicago.  He could visit with Tony “the scam” Rezko (in prison) and share hot cocoa or the friendly little shiv, then he could swing on by Oprah’s and dine on some fried chicken – Oprah is getting a little bit chunky but hey BBW  – then he could swing on by William “The Revolutionary” Ayers place and discuss the war on terrorism or education since Marxist Socialist Chavez has praised Ayerheads on his education stance (for those who do not know Ayers and his take on education, I will just say that he believes turning students into little activists that will attack the free).  — Some times I amaze myself.–  After visiting all of his past pals he could mend ties with Governor Blagojevich (D-Ill) and kindly ask him to give up his only bargaining chip, the governorship.  Those are a few things he could do, toss in a little limo loving and a few B-Ball games and a couple ‘8 balls’ – you’ve got to have the 8 balls, and hey Merry Christmas or whatever he celebrates.

BUT and you knew there was a BUT, a BIG BUT:

Myself explaining the cost might be outright tyrannical so I will let you float over to a Ronald Kessler of Newsmax article to allow you, the reader, to actually enjoy the outlandish spending this one man feels is necessary for himself.  By all means we, the second class peasant mud dwelling idiots,  must cut back.

Thanks for reading.

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