Mr. Smith Goes To Washington

Here is a 9:41 long clip from a Frank Capra classic entitled, “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.” It is and interesting film that captures the real methods and ways of congress all the way back in the 30’s. If you watch the whole movie you will notice that things are pretty much run the same way today.

Why don’t we demand the same love for America from our politicians that James Stewart portrayed as Mr. Smith. Who played a man who was appointed to the senate and he was not elected, he did not pay his way nor was he in a dynastic family.


  1. Epaminondas

    I totally concur; the character portrayed by Stewart in the movie is precisely the kind of individuals that the founders (specifically the Federalists led by Madison and Hamilton) envisioned would serve in our elected offices; unfortunately, what we have are the ones warned about by the Anti-Federalists that they feared would eventually end up in power.

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