So she is in such hard times and no one is willing to help her.  Booohoooooooohoooooo, the problem is that she will not have a problem finding a job.  Well how, you may ask?  Because the color of her skin she will be given a job   faster than say a lighter skinned human being.  Is this the end of reason, responsibility, rights, freedom, success, democracy, the constitution, and everything America has stood for.  Lincoln freed the slaves for what, so they could become slaves to the almighty government, bow down and sing praises all hail obama.  The one who has come to save the day to pull America out of its GREATNESS and halt the idea of work for what you want.  Who needs to work when the almighty government lead by the saviour obama or is he god or is he a super human happy negro who has not one damn clue what he is doing.  Well folks, he knows what he is doing and cleverly the media has not one bit questioned his destruction of this nation.  It is up to the last free people of this nation, those who refuse godvernment handouts, to stand up and not just take a stand but force the Constitution back upon the drones who feel that lazyness and begging are rights.  Lets join together in this revolution and right the wrongs of the past 80 years that has removed this nation out of the hands of the people and into the hands of the ASSES who are so power hungry that they are willing to eat us up as they bask in the spotlight.  Those who have not been programed do not fret there are more out here and we will not quietly sit by and allow this atrocity.  It is time to Unite to Fight.


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