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The summation of the Wilson, North Carolina Tea Party (WNCTP), be it from Washington D.C., Raleigh, North Carolina or even the Wilson Town Hall is that we are an outrageous group with members of the fringe element that demand anarchy and shun culture. We have been called racist, bigoted, anti-tax, anti-law, anti-government, wackos, witch’s and religious fanatics. The labeling of our movement is limitless and the effect it has is a null. This tactic from our detractors has had no effect on our group, other than to make us stronger.

That being said it is time to get to really know who we are.

The WNCTP is an ever growing group of citizens that feel our nation has taken a dangerous turn from law at the consent of the governed towards law according to the iron fist of tyranny. We understand that as a Republic our nation has run over(not dodged) many obstacles and gained the respect of the world through our shear strength alone. Not, from giving into to our enemies.  But, by decimating them and freeing their people. We empathize the good that America represents in this world of constant suffering. We see the people that risk their life and families lives to come to this great country. Would they risk it all to come here if we were not free? No, they would not.

The WNCTP wishes for this beacon of freedom to stay lit with the full brightness that the Framers of our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution intended it to be. Not the weak flickering flame that our current quasi-elected officials wish it to be. We see each and every American as equal and wish for the ethnic labeling to stop. This nation was not formed for tribal purposes but it was born into freedom for all and it has lead to freedom for millions. Many countries the world over have tried to emulate our society because it is the fairest and most prosperous. We at the WNCTP wish for this nation to continue to be free and we understand that this cannot be done through government but through the people. This attempt to steer the citizens, away from freedom to pursue whatever goals they wish, towards top down totalitarian conglomeration which fancies power over people other than people over power, is what the WNCTP formed to stop.

Our make up is of people from the whole political spectrum. We reject the argument of class warfare so we welcome people from all backgrounds and we also look down on people that play the “race card” in an attempt to segregate our communities. We respect everyone on an equal basis and we wish for that very same respect back in return. The WNCTP feels that our community is being taken apart based on the color of ones skin and that the people are being pitted against each other for political power gains of other groups. When we say we view everyone as equals we actually mean it, we don’t say it just for your comfort. Our embrace of everyone equally is what makes us strong and will help us build strength in this fight. We do not welcome people that wish to cause strife for the sake of causing it. But, we understand that passion is powerful and everyone in this group is very passionate about the future of America and their ability to pass our country on to future generations.
Our roots do not stem from the election of Barack Hussein Obama. This movement begun back during the grievances the colonist held against King George. Americas past is strong with rebellion and it is in our blood. Many of the problems we notice today have stirred our emotions and awoken us up from our comfortable slumber. Everyone is feeling this tyranny and we can even see it all around us. This is why we formed our group. We feel that years of torment has driven us to this anger and we have given way to much leeway for the pillars of tyranny to be built. We will now fight back be it through any peaceful measures we feel must be utilized.

We shall not forget that through out history every movement that strengthened the cause of liberty has been looked down upon. Those who fought for liberty have been called extremists, radicals, and other various other names by those who feel their power is being threatened. We will not allow these names to stop us. Lest we forget that the Framers of the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution put their lives and their families lives on the line in order to secure, for us, this nation. The only nation in the history of this world that has provided wealth, food, and security to, not just its own people, but to the whole world. We at the Wilson North Carolina Tea Party understand the most important part of America is that the government did not cause America to be this great, the People DID. We will not stop fighting because of a few labels put upon us, we will only fight harder. Did Abraham Lincoln and the “Radical” Republicans stop fighting against slavery because they were called radical. No, they did not they fought harder and stronger and that is our intention.