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Election night for North Carolinian’s living in the 2nd district has come to an end.  The Tea Party backed self-made star of the local Conservative movement has smashed through a road block.  Renee Ellmers has worked hard to garnish the votes she has earned and that work has paid off, considering she ran against a candidate that (in his prior elections) has established a 60%+ majority every time.

Bob Etheridge became famous when he assaulted two men (students) with a video camera asking the Representative if he agreed with the Obama agenda.  Seemingly angry and frustrated he grabbed one interviewer around the neck and sputtered the words” Who are You?” repeatedly.  Being that this incident occurred June 2010, an election year, one would almost guarantee that Mr. Etheridge would face an electorate eager to replace him.  The incident has also shed light on the Democratic Lawmakers previous dealings with the voters and his blatant disrespect towards them.  But over and over again the stubborn Bob Etheridge always won re-election and maybe it was because he legislated moderately and brought home the pork.  But in 2008 something changed and he, like most other democrats, took a hard left turn away from moderation. His voting record on big government legislation was “YEA” all around. What could make Mr. Etheridge turn into a puppet for the administration? Maybe it was that the leadership in the Democratic Party was just very convincing. Or, could it have been the the Representatives campaign contributors have caught up with him?  Whomever asks him about it better have backup and a video camera.

With all of this fodder Renee Ellmers should have cruised to victory and according to the polling she should have been able to. We finally now know that Renee Ellmers is our new representative and it is nice to know that someone that listens to the people will now represent the North Carolinian’s 2nd district.

Anyone willing to help Bob Etheridge move out?