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So, chairman obama has said he will cut the pay of those who work in the White House.  Read the Fox Business Networks article here; and for the women out there who might have praised obama on his equality you might want to check this out here from  Now, in a struggling economy where the prices of goods are sky-rocketing and jobs are disappearing, I guess the right thing to do is to take the money out of the consumers hands and keep it in the government’s coffers so it can continue buying up and bailing out begging businesses.  Where will this money go?  To buy the Czar’s wife and kids clothes or jewelery, or in his pocket, or to fund a green power initiative?  Does he not understand that people do not work for pay cuts, at least they don’t work efficiently for pay cuts?   Czar obama can do as he pleases but he will find out that fewer and fewer people will be willing to “work for food.”  Being as it may seem like a noble objective the Czar will only force his subjects to this rule of “will work for food,”  for he will still demand his $400000 a year along with his side kick Joe the plagiarist VP’s (venereal politician) $200000 a year salary, in this tough economic time the only ones who must suffer are those who dare get their hands dirty or apply themselves.  One might say that his acts are that of a conservative nature, in which I say a true conservative would give up his/her benefits first and set a good example.  The act of forcing those who work for you, or below you in Czar O’s case, to suffer the benefits of a job well done is known only to those who served castro and other dictators alike, to whom you praise and expect nothing in return but if you criticize you get hell’s fury heaped upon you and your loved ones, and their loved ones, and their friends, and their loved ones’ friends, and well, you get the point.  Soon, all opposition is wiped out and you have total rule.   Don’t be turned off by the comparison;  President Bush was accused of being hitleresque and he put up with the accusations – proof of this:  his opponents are still alive.  For example see all of msnbc, cnn, new york slimes, la slimes, washington compost, abc, cbs, nbc, and any other media that has disrespected President Bush and the position as a whole.  Maybe this is the change you need but America can not withstand an authoritarian dictator that allows his/her buddies to go unchecked,  ending up dead only when they oppose dear leader.  Also, by the way, soon we will all be volunteering to REBUILD America to what Czar obama wants it to be, so being paid will be out of the question because you are now a subject of the state, for only greedy rich people feel they deserve a good day’s pay for a good day of work.

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John Bruner